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ODC (Offshore Development Center)
UNISOFT India has the process, expertise and resources to envision and co-create a great product. We have the resources to undertake specific research and development based on your project requirement Analysis and can hire an extension of your team from our Offshore Development Product Competency Center.
The models followed
1. Customer Managed, Dedicated Offshore Development Center
Unisoft India provides the resources and infrastructure for the customer to manage the ODC by their management at senior level responsible for project management and deliverables.
2. Unisoft India Managed, Dedicated Offshore Development Center
Unisoft India manages the resources, infrastructure, projects and deliverables to the customer from the ODC. The Customer allocates tasks and manages reviews.
3. Bilateral Agreement
This model is a pure partnership approach with a long-term understanding.
The process
  • Signing of Non Disclosure Agreement
  • Needs of the Requiremen
  • Proposal and Agreement
  • Selection of the Team
  • Study the Progress of the Project
  • Payment and Project Starts
Man Power Consultancy
Our major asset is our manpower. To stay in pace with the ever changing trends in technology, we constantly update our expertise. We provide In House Training and have trained Professionals to combat all the requirements of the customer.
Unisoft India has Engineers working on different Projects at the client site and can assemble a team based on the needs of its clients. for more detail mail us at