UNISOFT INDIA specializes in Engineering Services, Software Solutions, Embedded Solutions and Staffing Services.

UNISOFT INDIA has required infrastructure, design expertise and engineering bandwidth to provide the complete turnkey solutions. We can Define, Design, Develop and Deploy the solutions at our Design Centre or can depute engineering teams on-site if needed

With our Global Delivery Model, we have established credibility with overseas customers in allied Engineering and Semiconductor Industries, wherein the Quality, Cost and Delivery are the key factors.

The Company

With the advent of the Information Technology and Globalization, extracting standards in terms of quality & efficiency of products and innovative services have become the order of the day. We relentlessly strive to provide timely, value-added engineering & customized services by breeding a culture soaked in hard work, commitment, knowledge and exceptional customer relationship skills.

Key to Success

Our key to success lies in our ability to create strong long-term customer relationships with our clients. We wish to become the first choice for companies whenever in need of Engineering Services, software Solutions and allied areas.

Our Commitment

We focus our attention on the business of our clients, analyze their needs and only then propound a solution that fits into the jigsaw. All this is done with a genuine concern about the customer’s business by understanding their needs, expectations and priorities. We aim to raise the quality standards ceaselessly and continue to provide excellent quality products & services.

It is our belief that an organization must continuously innovate and transform itself to stay ahead of competition and we relentlessly strive to achieve this.


  • We expertise in domain understanding and analyzing.
  • Our experience in industrial know how.
  • Our cost-effective, on-time, high quality solutions.
  • Quality output with tight schedules.
  • Our response time is almost instantaneous.
  • We endorse Confidentiality Agreement for all projects undertaken by us.
Offshore or on-site consultancy
  • UNISOFT INDIA offers consultancy & services in flexible operating models. This portfolio of services involves working with global companies out of India and delivering different service models.
  • Basic services for setting up and operating your offshore centre or subsidiary. Hence, operate as an exclusive Dedicated Design Centre (DDC), your extended – arm in Bangalore.

We hope that our service will be our biggest advertisement. In the long run we rely on the quality of our service and customer satisfaction to propel us forward. We believe that customer satisfaction will bring repeated business and our services will also be recommended wherever appropriate.

We recognize the multitude of independent players in the market and our only possibility to differentiate is with our quality and total solutions as a one stop services from 2D drawing to end Product.

Our Vision

To be a global leader in the field of engineering services, accepting and overcoming advanced technologies, to surpass customer expectations in an environment that is motivating, congenial and fosters employee pride.

Primary objective is to convert vision in to realistic and viable technology solutions, leveraging offshore resources. We strive to serve as an extended–arm to our clients by providing quality solutions in a cost effective manner by using global delivery model.

Quality Policy

“We at UNISOFT INDIA, provide Engineering services, Software solutions, Embedded solutions and Staffing Services, that meets the customer requirements consistently in quality, delivery and cost.
We are committed to continual improvement in every activity of our organization and enhance productivity.
We aim to provide timely and cost effective quality products & services to our customers.
We strive to create an environment which enables employees to adopt to new technologies and customer needs.”

Quality Objectives
  • Meet Customer expectation through on-time and error-free delivery.
  • Have appropriate metrics to monitor improvement on a continual basis.
Group Companies

SONA Group

Sona Group ( www.sonagroup.net ) was established in 1987 and is headed by tech savvy Mr. K. Yajnanarayana, an entrepreneur & Industrialist.

We are a conglomerate of Engineering, Information Technology and Consultancy Services. Sona Band ( www.sonagroup.net ) is the market leader in wristwatch straps and catering to OEMs.

Group diversified business

Our business is focused in the field of Engineering Services, Software Development and Precision Component Manufacture.

We address the needs of the scientific and engineering community with continued commitment towards total customer satisfaction and prioritize capability enhancement through Strategic Alliance.

Group Growth – 20 times in last ten years
1987 SONA Plating ( www.sonagroup.net )
1989 SONA Band ( www.sonagroup.net )
1991 SONA Horologicals ( www.sonagroup.net )
1993 Kammaje Industries
1995 SONA Leather ( www.sonagroup.net )
2001 Sugama Enterprises